Emmie te Pas - vocalist, composer and vocal teacher.


Emmie was born and raised in Ulft, a small town in the Netherlands. At age 18 she decided to move to Arnhem to study vocals at the ArtEZ conservatory. Interested in all different aspects in music, she also decided to study Speech Therapy in Nijmegen to learn more about the human voice. During her last year at the conservatory she moved to New York City for six months to focus on her songwriting and to study at The Collective School of Music. Graduated in Arnhem in 2014, she started doing all kinds of music projects and started working towards her next goal, moving back to New York City to study at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. 


In 2015 she was awarded a grant to study at The New School where she studied under the guidance of La Tanya Hall, Jimmy Owens, Andy Milne and Reggie Workman. While in New York she spend a lot of her time writing and performing her original music with her band TÉPA, performing at venues like the Shrine, Café Wha and Rockwood Music Hall. During the summer of 2016 she decided to move back to Arnhem, where she started playing and writing with musician Robert Siroen, with whom she performed on a cruise ship on the Persian Gulf from January till March 2017.


Having Rotterdam as a home base, she’s currently working on different projects as a lead vocalist, composer, backing vocal (arranging) jobs and as a vocal teacher. Check out projects for more information and music.