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EN: If you want to know more about me as a music teacher and about my way of teaching, check out 'Vocal Coach / Zangdocent'.




Robert and I decided to do a cover of one of Becca Stevens' songs 'Queen Mab', in which we added some spices of our own. 


The lyrics are directly taken from a speech delivered by Romeo & Juliet's Mercutio. Mercutio provokes his friend Romeo with the tale of a fairy midwife named Queen Mab. She rides around in a coach made out of an "empty hazelnut" with spider's "legs" for wheel spokes and spends her time galloping over the noses and lips of sleepers, fillings their dreams with wild fantasies. Initially described as a peculiar, romantic figure but who Mercutio later reveals is a hag who brings nightmares…


I hope you'll enjoy our version of this song!